What are the Benefits of Algo Trading?


Before diving into the benefits, let's understand what algo trading is all about! Algo trading is a method of executing orders in the financial markets (stocks, currencies, commodities, derivatives, etc.) by providing a predefined set of rules to a computer program. As in any industry, computers also play an important role in the stock market. Algorithmic trading, commonly referred to as "algo trading," is a product of the expanding capabilities of technology. 

Algo trading involves turning a trading strategy into computer code to buy and sell shares or trade in derivatives (F&O) automatically, quickly, and accurately. It has gained a lot of popularity worldwide due to its speed and accuracy. You can connect your broker with an algo trading platform to place trade orders once you've coded your trading strategy. 

What are the Benefits of Algo Trading?

A few of the benefits of algo trading are as follows:

1. Reduced Human Errors

Algo trading has eliminated human errors from trading and made it systematic. It helps avoid mistakes such as wrong inputs and poor judgments due to human emotions and psychological factors.

2. Speed and Efficiency

The prime benefit of algorithmic trading is speed. The orders are carried out in a fraction of a second, which is impossible for a person to do. This enables timely responses to market changes without delay.

3. Accuracy

Algorithms can process large volumes of data and recognise patterns that human traders might overlook. This results in more accurate trading decisions than human traders. Since algo trading can carry out transactions that would be almost impossible for a person to execute, the overall profits are higher. Price fluctuations are also minimised due to the execution speed and accuracy.

4. Diversification

Algo trading enables traders to diversify their portfolios across multiple assets and markets, helping them reduce overall risk exposure. Automated systems can manage multiple trades simultaneously. This allows traders to spread their investments across different strategies, asset classes, geographical regions, and industries.

5. Liquidity

Algo trading contributes to the market's increased liquidity as it enables you to trade large volumes of shares in a short period.

Factors to Consider Before Doing Algo Trading

The following are the factors to consider before starting algo trading:

1. Improper Execution

Algorithmic trading depends on quick trade execution times and little latency, or the time it takes for a trade to be executed. Improper execution of a trade might lead to missed chances or big losses.

2. Technology Dependant

Algorithmic trading is dependent on technology, notably computer programs and fast internet connections. Technical problems or malfunctions can disrupt trading operations and lead to losses. You might lose a significant sum of money on a single transaction due to a single algorithmic error or technical glitches.

3. Over-Optimisation

Over-optimizing (or over-perfecting) algorithms based on past data might make them work poorly in actual market situations. Even if algos perform well in backtests, they might not adjust effectively to real-world markets. So, over-optimizing strategies can lead to bad trading performance.

4. High Costs

Developing and putting algorithmic trading systems into operation may be expensive, and traders may have to pay continuing costs for software and data feeds.

5. Black Swan Events

To forecast future market movements, algo trading uses historical data and statistical models. However, algo traders could be prone to unanticipated market disturbances known as "black swan events," which can lead to losses.

In order to open and close trades based on computer code, algo trading combines financial markets with software. Investors and traders can set when they want trades opened or closed. Algorithmic trading is widely used in today's financial markets with a wide range of strategies available to traders. 

In conclusion, algorithmic trading helps you become more profitable via trading in the stock market.  However, it consists of dangers and challenges such as computational errors, system failure, and interrupted internet connections.  Before engaging in algo trading, you should have knowledge of stock market trading through the use of technical analysis tools. You also need to have a lot of patience, do market research, code algorithms, and backtest your strategy to use this method of trading to its full advantage.

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