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Thailand tightens rules on crypto advertising 

Thailand's Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has rolled out new rules on advertising for crypto companies after the industry has come under greater scrutiny from authorities. Crypto firms have to clearly show investment risks in advertisements and provide a balanced view of potential risk and returns. Information of advertising terms must also be given to regulators.

Crypto prices today: Bitcoin up 0.8%, ETH rises 3.1%

Bitcoin is currently trading at $20,100.41, an increase of 0.8% over the previous day. Ethereum is up 3.15% over the last 24 hours to $1,592.06. Solana rose 1.62% to $31.59, while Cardano is trading higher by 2.9% at $0.459. Polygon (MATIC) jumped 6.6% to $0.883. The global crypto market cap stands at $984.34 billion, a 1.32% increase over the previous day.

Celsius seeks to return some customer funds in court filing

Bankrupt crypto lender Celsius said in a court filing that it would seek to return some of its customers’ funds. The company wanted to release nearly $50 million in digital assets belonging to customers who were a part of the “custody” program— accounts that stored crypto but did not generate returns. Customers of the custody program owned their assets, while customers using the Celsius “earn” or “borrow” programs had invested their assets expecting a return. 

Helium crashes 15% following proposed move to Solana

Helium’s HNT has lost significant value since developers proposed a plan to move the network over to Solana. HNT is down 32% over the past week and 47% in the last 30 days. This could indicate that investors and users may not be fully onboard with the ambitious plan.

Compass Mining to shut down Georgie mines, citing high energy costs

Compass Mining, a Bitcoin (BTC) mining rig service, was notified that the owner of lucrative mining hubs 2 and 3 located in Georgia would shut down amid rising energy costs. Since Compass sells Bitcoin mining hardware and contracts for facilities, it did not have an influence over the decision.

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