What are Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Funds?


What are Open-ended Funds?

Open-ended funds are the funds in which an investor can redeem their investment at any time he wants. Thus, the main characteristic of the fund is its liquid nature. Most of the investors want to invest in this type of fund. Open-ended funds form the biggest part of the mutual fund market. There are no limits on the number of units which can be issued.

These open-ended mutual fund units are bought and sold at their Net Asset Value or NAV. These funds are more suitable for investors who have less or no knowledge of the markets. An open-ended mutual fund's NAV varies according to the performance of securities and its distribution inside a fund. Hence, they are prone to market risks and are highly volatile.

Top 5 Open-Ended Mutual Funds in India 2023

Fund Name5 Year Return
SBI Small Cap Fund25.1%
Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund21.19%
Motilal Oswal NASDAQ 100 Exchange Traded Fund22.04%
Aditya Birla Sun Life Banking & Financial Services Fund15.04%
ICICI Prudential Banking & Financial Services Fund13.93%
(Figures as of December 19, 2023)

What are Closed-Ended Funds?

Closed-ended funds are the funds which issue a fixed number of fund units. Unlike, open-ended funds, the investors can redeem their units only when the fund matures. Investors cannot purchase or redeem units of this type of fund once the NFO (New Fund Offer) has expired. Similarly to stocks, these funds are traded in the market.

Just like a stock is launched via an IPO, a new fund is launched via an NFO. Thus, these closed-ended funds can be liquidated only as per the fund norms and not as per the investor's wish. As the investments are rigid, it gives more space to the portfolio managers to get a stable base of assets.

Top 5 Closed-Ended Mutual Funds in India 2023

Fund Name5 Year Return
Quant Tax Plan Direct Growth30.36%
Bandhan ELSS Tax Saver Fund Direct Plan Growth20.52%
Parag Parikh ELSS Tax Saver Fund Direct Growth24.67%
Kotak ELSS Tax Saver Fund Direct Growth19.18%
SBI Long Term Equity Fund Direct Plan Growth19.84%
(Figures as of December 2023)

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