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When your organization depends on mission critical data, choosing a global hosting leader is imperative to your business. DataCode delivers. From hosted market data solutions to custom integrated solutions, we have the experience, flexibility and reliability to handle anything your business encounters.

DataCode exclusively uses Dell PowerEdge™ Rack Optimized Servers to offer customers world-class reliability, industry-leading technology and ultimate expandability to match any business' performance and scalability requirements.

Use our professional class workstation applications or we can provide customized professional quality applications specifically designed to meet your needs.

Shared Server Solutions Dedicated Server Solutions

Shared Netfeed Servers

combine the ease of shared hosting with the power and security of a

Dedicated Netfeed Server

. Ideal for those who have limited IT resources, these servers provide the best of both worlds.

Dedicated Netfeed Servers

have the flexibility and power you need. Fully customizable so you get the ultimate flexibility and control. Dedicated Netfeed Servers come bundled with a range of services.
For more information about

Shared Netfeed Servers

, call us at 1-631-218-4300 for a free consultation.
  For more information about

Dedicated Netfeed Servers

, call us at 1-631-218-4300 for a free consultation.
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